Displaying Location Specific Ads

Google and Apple take another step in displaying ads. They are tracking user location to serve them specific advertisements about the things available in nearby to his location. One part of the story told to user is to provide him accurate data search nearby location in which he is living or the route he follows. But on the other part of the story it also provide a opportunity to the provider to display him advertisement specific to his location. 

Advertiser companies also want to provide ads to a user as per his or her interests, at the time and place they’re most appropriate liked to be served or need. Smart phones and devices have given these companies to track the user location he visits or where he lives. So they are ready to pay a good amount for it.

Google recently purchased AdMob, a mobile advertising platform in May 2010 and have already tested geolocation-enhanced advertisement in UK. on the other hand Apple also had filed for a patent in 2008 for a system that allows advertisers to match users with ads targeted to their location.For it Apple have  iAds mobile advertisement system already offers location targeting. 

Now If we look at Google or Apple from Technology and a software standpoint, both of them are in a position to capture more and more deep information about a user than anyone else can do.

Note If the goal is to provide consumer with the best, it seems more and more likely that location-sensitive advertisement will help user to meet his/her some kind of requirements. But  before that are people ready to accept the idea that their phone knows where they are? Now it all depends on you how do like to be served ...?

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